Friday, October 11, 2013

What Am I

A few days ago, I was at the ladies in the University where I work and I happen to go at peak time. There were so many students in there, chatting, smoking, putting on makeup, etc. When I entered, there was a sudden hush. Well, I went ahead with my business and after that came out to the common area to wash my hands. Some students were still around. Suddenly one finally approached me and asked if I'm a student and if i'm a Chinese from China. I laughed! so that's why they were staring at me. Well, off course i'm not and told her so. She said that I looked not like a Malaysian and not sure what to make of me. I'm surprised to hear that from a local. I've been asked if I'm Japanese, Vietnamese or Taiwanese but never China. So that's one country to add to my list. Then later the same night, we had a church gathering at home and some brought their kids along. As usual, I entertained the kids with my 'silliness'. After chatting for some time a pair of 8 or 9 year old twins asked seriously after studying me for awhile: "What are you?" I was stunned until they continued: "What should we call you? Che Che (Big Sis), Aunty? Or are you a YOUTH?" Ha ha! YOUTH really made me laughed! What a term to use by kids! They are so cute. Off course I gave them some silly answers and they teasingly settled at the title: Po Po (Grandma). And we all laughed. These 2 brief conversations made me think of my art that I've sadly swept under the layers of my heart for a while. What am I? Where do my art belong? Where does an artwork that is neither cute, nor whimsical nor refined (in the world of fine art ie.) stand in the world of cuteness and full of trends? People do not know what to make of me. What are they (art)? What is this? What am I?......

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