Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thinking of Frida Kahlo, Thinking about Faith

My back is feeling a little 'strained'. Sholuldn't be but it is. The left leg is swollen again. I hope i'll be fine by tomorrow morning. This is an impromptu sketch of myself yesterday when i looked to the right from my desk. colour pencil. thinking of Frida Kahlo, thinking about my faith.


CHAN YIN YIN said...

Nice potrait

constance wong said...

Thanks Yin Yin :)

Denise Wong said...

hi Constance,

I am Denise, your artist friend, remember? Hope you are better now... I am sending you an email shortly. By the way, I had a minor fall in Feb 26, I am currently on the longest 'medical leave' I ever had in my life. Long story, sending you an email now. :)