Wednesday, April 03, 2013

what happened in March

I had a memorable March. i collapsed again and was hospitalised, went for operation, etc..but on the positive side, i get to draw without guilt. physically, i was weak but spiritually i was hopeful - looking forward to the opportunity to draw, to explore. it is ironic that now, physically, i've improved slightly but as the day to return to the office draws nearer and nearer, my spirit becomes lower and lower. i'm going to have a talk with my CEO tomorrow over the phone, to discuss on my return, but i dread it because i know i'm going to be untruthful...i've delayed the call for 2 days now but i know i have to make it. I know that i'm going to say yes, i'm returning on a certain date, etc, etc...i'm only saying and doing it out of gratitude. but i know what the real answer is deep inside.... well, above are some of the drawings, sketches, illustration done during my stay in the hospital, during my recovery period at home (which is still on-going).

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