Sunday, January 27, 2013

I dreamt of a painter

I dreamt that an artist whose works i admire came over to my house to do some of his own paintings. we let him occupy the basement (funny thing is, in reality, there's no such thing as 'basement' here in Malaysian houses) i wanted to approach him, to ask if he can teach me, but i was too shy. instead of talking, i will find excuses to go down to the basement to see his painting process. Not sure how but out of the blue my nephews were with me as well and i had to entertain them down there at the basement. the interior changed to a corner of my own house corner years ago, where i have all the badly done paintings displayed on a cabinet. As i was entertaining my nephews, i suddenly remembered the artist and turned around. he was there sitting very quietly, looking at me, deep in thought. Although he didn't seemed to mind our presence, i apologized for our intrusion. As we were exiting, i was overwhelmed by regret, that why have i not thought of removing my own paintings before his arrival. Well, i guess i must really want a right mentor or formal trainings in art. I've never dreamt of any painting artist until now. While I continue my search, i will have to bear with the traffic congestions every morning and every night. But if the destination is to the place of a great painter who can also teach well to learn under him/her, i'm willing to go through 2 hours of bad traffic per journey everyday.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

last of 2012

The last painting experiment for 2012. oil on plywood. ......... My only hope for be able to survive from doing what i dislike. how i wish to learn under a great painter.....