Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simplicity in Life

life is not meaningless but what is meaningful is far and few in between ..... i've received my fair share of material rewards: money, titles, recognition in form of words, etc... but i've never felt so empty... my recent disappointment made 'hope' even more distant than before they are but all - momentary happiness. Once again, i'm being reminded that, what truly matters to me are my family, friends, a free mind to paint, a free heart to appreciate what i still have in life. Most importantly, i wanted a growing faith. i hope my family and friends will understand when in future i choose to do what i feel is the right thing to do....as i'm typing this, even i doubt my judgement on what is really 'right' after what had happened. i may be poorer i may seemed intellectually less competent compared to what i'm still doing now or what i've done in the past. but i will not mind, if my family and close friends understand and still accept me in whatever situation i'm in. How very true...it is not simple to be simple. it takes a lot to find that happiness is simplicity....

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