Sunday, May 27, 2012

Are You Here For Art?

i came back Friday night from the gallery, feeling worn out (physically). and a little upset over an issue. felt the strong need to record my thoughts in some form, about how i felt in certain situations when at the Gallery or during the solo opening exhibitions of artists. this is titled: Are You Really Here For Art? sepia tone pencil, 2b pencil and red colour pencil on sketchbook. ....... back to oils, added a bit more details on the portrait today:


ellell loke said...

long time no see my dear friend, how are you? :)

long time no visit to gallery... miss the days visited to gallery to enjoy artworks and painting...

gambatteh for your oil painting and sketching ya~~~ ;)

constance said...

hey lai kuan! thank you so much :) yes, i'm with the gallery now, you should come by when you can. maybe i'll drop you a message whenever there's interesting works.