Thursday, April 19, 2012

on the way in or on the way out?

oil on board, still a work in progress...this will take much longer than expected

today will be my third day at the gallery.
it used to be the gallery that i've wanted to work in
many years ago, and now, five years later, i'm finally here.
i've given up a good job, good salary, good bosses and friends to look for that path that will lead me to what i wanted to become....
not that i'm not happy,
but i do hope someday, instead of working at the desk of the gallery,
my paintings will be hung there on the walls.

i must remind myself every now and then,
especially when caught up in the background works of art exhibitions,
the reason for joining an art gallery
and to not stray from that and to continue with improving my own paintings...

as always,a lot of 'what ifs' in my mind
what if i become unhappy here?
what if i cannot get along with the owner?
what if after this, instead of feeding my passion by working here, it will be wiped out? like how it was like for me when i joined an advertising company when i first started work?

ah...i think too much...

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