Monday, December 12, 2011

from then to now

it's been a while since i last posted anything illustrative...
it's been a while since i last have more then 2 comments...
for my visitors may not be used to my current state of expression...
this progression (or perhaps, considered deterioration to most) from being cute to whimsical,
from whimsical to melancholic, from melancholic to darker leanings...and from darker leanings to another struggle of being matter how ugly the truth is...
when will i ever find the fit?

although i'm still struggling
i'm willing to continue with it
be persistent, at my most positive
hoping someday
the truth can be more beautifully expressed, conveyed...
although the sentence :What is it all for? still lingers
i shall try to stand up and take the brush and learn again
until i cannot take the falls any longer...

but i hope you'll bear with me
and come back to visit me every now and then
that perhaps someday
when you visit me again
i'll be better in my paintings
or perhaps you'll be able to understand then,
what i've been trying to express now
during my transitional state...