Monday, September 19, 2011


i wake up early every morning
ample time to get prepared to go to the office
but what would i rather do?

paint a little bit more...
analyse a little bit more...
study inspirational works a little bit more
till i'm always a few minutes late to work

for the past few months
if you noticed
i've been posting a little more often than last year
that's a sign...
but what will i do this time?
what should i do?

why must they still force me to stay
when i so want to run away?

why must they force me to commit?
when i'm not even ready
i'll never be ready for anything
except for the sake of art...

how i wish for the opportunity to be mentored, to be guided
by a wise painter...

all my postings...
they are just my S.O.S....

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