Monday, September 19, 2011


i wake up early every morning
ample time to get prepared to go to the office
but what would i rather do?

paint a little bit more...
analyse a little bit more...
study inspirational works a little bit more
till i'm always a few minutes late to work

for the past few months
if you noticed
i've been posting a little more often than last year
that's a sign...
but what will i do this time?
what should i do?

why must they still force me to stay
when i so want to run away?

why must they force me to commit?
when i'm not even ready
i'll never be ready for anything
except for the sake of art...

how i wish for the opportunity to be mentored, to be guided
by a wise painter...

all my postings...
they are just my S.O.S....

Friday, September 16, 2011


i have a secret wish..
that someday,
a great painter that i admire
will offer himself
to be my art mentor
and take me away
from what i'm not meant to do...
before it's too late...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Nephews

I am a proud aunt of 3 nephews :) 2 are already teenagers and the littlest is only 6years old.

recently my eldest nephew Jeff and his team (Positive Crew - how cool is that :D)won 3rd prize in a yearly talent competition, which is quite a big thing for teens here in Malaysia.

check them out here!

I'm so proud of his determination. Elvis, my 2nd nephew, Jeff's younger brother is also really quite good in singing and i'm sure someday he'll be showing off on stage with his singing skills! He's quite handsome too ;) and tall. Both my nephews are taller than i - in fact, i think i'm the shortest in the family - if you don't count the 6 year old :D

My littlest nephew Rufus, their youngest brother is a very serious little guy :D he's very proper and i wonder if someday he'll be a top scholar :D i don't have a photo of him in this laptop that i'm using...i'll show him to you guys someday. seems like it was just yesterday that they were still little and naughty and jumping and climbing around like monkeys! I missed those years but i do look forward to their future which i pray will turn out to be what they hoped and worked for.

i love you nephews!

Monday, September 05, 2011

eye bags

this is just an exercise before bedtime last night.

oil on cake base.

i'm obsessed with eye bags...

Thursday, September 01, 2011

untitled 2011

oil on wood