Tuesday, February 26, 2008

looking for a mentor...

i have not forgotten
this other part of me
this is me
it is
I am still looking
for the key...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008


so many perfumes
so many different types
of expensive fragrances...
so many to choose
but what is most important
to know
the best perfume
in this world
the smell of love
that was shared
that was given
that was expressed...

an early valentine wish to all of you :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Blanket....for IF

Mrs OddChin (was Mrs BigMouth a few years ago before her remarriage) and
Mrs BigHead are rivals in the community sewing class...
Usually, Mrs BigHead's creations are much better, much finer compared to Mrs OddChin's.

One day, however, the class were given a project
to sew the best blanket they can think of
and the grand prize is a Cintiq Tablet
(till today, it still remains a mystery, why they choose to give away an illustrating tool in a sewing class.....hmmmmm)
And so, both Mrs OddChin and Mrs BigHead went home and sewed and sewed and stitched and stitched....from morning till night.
Mrs BigHead was very confident that she will win, knowing that all these while, her works are better then Mrs OddChin....


what a surprise she had on the day of submission!
Out, from Mrs OddChin's bag, came the most BEAUTIFUL TINIEST patchwork blanket ever seen in the world!

It was so beautiful, so fine, so exquisite, so magical...that it seemed to emit a golden glow!


Mrs OddChin was announced the winner! (and brought the Cintiq home to collect dust)

Mrs BigHead were no longer seen in the class after that day....and was very soon forgotten..

The End

(looks like i really do have time today! :D)

Friday, February 01, 2008

Leaving....to stay on....

(I've posted this sketch before...sorry...i don't have time to even sketch lately..)
Have I shared with you how i became a Graphic Designer,
from a Private Secretary? Maybe later….
Have I shared with you how I started illustrating? (not designing)…
maybe later…
But I would like to share with you now
that i have finally handed in my resignation letter last week....
after almost 8 years....

I think i am a late starter...
I wouldn't say 'late bloomer'
because, I don't think I've really bloomed - art-wise i mean...

In fact, I don't really know if I've come to an ending or the beginning...

why God choose to let you experience certain things only at a certain time
answer your prayer at a certain time...if at all, if that is also His will....
I can only quote my father's favourite phrase:
G.O.K - God only knows...
but I guess, we will all know why,
maybe soon, maybe very much later...but we will definitely realize someday,
it is only a matter of time...
and i'd like to believe that it is for our own good...if it is not answered…
it might take us some time
to accept
especially if it is something that you are so passionate about...
and at this point,
I still do not know if my will is His will…..
And if it is not,
I do not know if I can handle it
Seeing dreams of others realize
While I am still struggling….to improve…

I received this email this morning from a fellow colleague from a subsidiary in another state, after she received the news of my resignation….

"Hi Constance,
Remember I wanted to ask you something on Thursday? Well, I know that you are very busy these two months, trying to clear your workload but if you have the time, can you please draw a "cartoon" pic of me .... and if you have the time, of MR Z and MR J too?
If you don't have the time to do so before you leave M, you can do it AFTER you leave the company. It's not urgent.
This is so that I can look at the pic years from now and remember you (ha!)
Thanks :-) R"

It is a very simple request, but still simple words means much more to me than flowery ones…
It almost brought tears to my eyes…not only because of this request, but for the memories that came flowing back to me of my earlier days with the Group….those great bosses I’ve worked with, who gave me the opportunity, the chance….crazy workmates of past and present….

But it is time to leave….

to give myself a breather,
and although I will be very much poorer…
and friends and relatives might not understand,
I hope I will be happier….

I’ve not sing for a long time
I think today, I will sing again
in the shower :)