Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Too much coffee.....

because of darkness, we know light

because of ugliness, we know beauty

what is good

what is bad

for is good really good

when it brings out the ugliness in others?

for is bad really bad

when it brings out the beauty in others....

when we judge others

because of their 'ugliness'

we are in other words

praising our own 'beauty'

and because of this self glorifying act

we are already slightly tainted

less beautiful

and the more we judge others,

the uglier we become.....


get zapped said...

I like what you've said here. It's true, judging is an ugly act. We do it to make ourselves feel better, it's quite pervereted, really. Thank you for sharing this.

Mauricio said...

Nice words
Nice image

Ugly reality...

mack said...

I like that.

Cecilia said...

Muy bueno!!
Que tengas un buen fin de semana!!
un beso

Brandi said...

Love this. You always have something amazing to say.

Anonymous said...


hope that we would never judge others!


constance said...

thanks and Gracias getzapped, mauricio, mack, cecilia, brandi and gorgeous....