Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blessed Christmas to you....

I seriously don't have much time for myself lately
and hence these 2 oldies...
(the boy illo was done some years ago! and the girl with wine, another quick sketch a few weeks ago....)
but I really wanted to wish you all now
as I think
I won't be able to post anything
untill after Christmas....
so, I digged for something 'cheery'
to wish all of you
not just a 'presents exchange' one,
but also a meaningful and beautiful one.....


Majeak Ann said...

love this love this, it made me happy!
Constance, (this if you have time) I've tagged you, sorry!
Beautiful works...thanks for the delights!
Blessed Christmas for you too!

Tanya Nichols said...

Constance, Merry merry christmas may His Joy follow you today and always...may he pursue you with a fervor as He blesses you with the same love you give to others.
Merry Christmas blogging friend,

Cecilia said...

Preciosas las ilustraciones, me gustan muchisimo!!
Felices fiestas y que tus deseos se cumplan en el 2007!!

getzapped said...

Yes, cheerful and clever. Beautiful as usual. Thanks and be well!

luisa brehm said...

ohhh, thank you, Constance !!!
this is soooo cool ;-)))))))
the same to you, my Friend !!!
kiss kissessssssss

constance said...

oh thank you Marjorie! I don't mind at all and will get to the tag soon! HUGS! :D

Thank you so much Tanya!

Gracias, Cecilia :)

Thanks getzapped!

Luisa, thank you so much! Hugs!

Once again, blessed Christmas to all of you :)

Mauricio said...

Constance my friend

Great Christmas an great new year!!!

Peace - health - happiness

Feliz 2007!

miragee said...

That's very nice of you Constance. I like the second image of the big-nose lady. I was reading a comic book written by Marjane Satrapi, an Iranin living in Paris. There is an episode about ladies with big noses and I find them to be very cute!

Thank you for trying to leave me messages:-). I've got most of them. I'd like to wish you a wonderful Christmas too! Let's keep painting and creating!

Clariarte said...

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy 2007 whith health,peace,love and inspiration for made more beautiful works.
Desejo um feliz Natal e um 2007 com saude,paz,amor, e inspiração para fazer mais trabalhos bonitos

Rafael Arjona said...

Merry Christmas and creative new year, Constance!!

Tanya Nichols said...

Constance one more Merry Christmas, so soon only 3 days till Christmas!!! SO excited, my darling husband bought me the wacom intuos3 woohoo, i have been illustrating using my touchpad on my IBM excited!
Merry christmas and many happy new year blessings!

Brandi said...

Hi Constance! Oldies but goodies! Sorry to hear you havent had much art time - it must be the season! I am finally done with classes for a few weeks so I hope to get some work done myself! Hope you and your family have a fabulous holiday!!

luisa brehm said...

it's christmas, Constance ;-))))))
just to send lotssssssss of kissesssssssssss and wish a Fantasticccccccccccccc 2007 !!!

Diane Duda said...

Merry, merry Christmas, Constance!

constance said...

oh hello everybody!!!!!! I'm back! Thank you so much for the wishes! Today is boxing day, but it's not a public holiday here in Malaysia, so I have to work :( (took leave from work for 2 weeks before to help my parents pack and move in to their new house on the 23rd) Hope each one of you have had a beautiful one yesterday with your loved ones! A big hug to everyone!

Lyrically speaking said...

So, I finally posted my paintings, I really need your opinion since I know you are the expert, i'm still an amateur in that department. You work has always been inspiring.

Michelle Lana said...

Happy holidays constance! i love this top piece with the boy! great work!

Annax said...

Wonderful to see your art again!
Been offline for a while, and have no blog at the moment *sob!* Will be back soon with new sites, and will be visiting your wonderfulness in the meantime! x

constance said...

Thank you lycrically speaking, michelle and ANNAX!

Annax, I've missed your works so much! I've forgotten to save your flikr add but was so glad to see your beautiful painting in Marjorie's site :D I've made sure to save your add this time! Hope you've had a wonderful christmas with your family and loved ones :) Hugs!