Wednesday, December 06, 2006

2 Dogs and A Woman

My very 'spoilt' Oxford!
He's really fat now :D
Everytime when I go back to my parents'
he and 'skinny' will be jumping all around me,
and oxford, because he's so short,
will hop up and down
and starts looking for a ball or something
to 'invite' me to play 'catch-me-if-you-can'
Together with Skinny, we'll run around the car porch and
try our very best to 'catch' Oxford and get the ball from him!
It's almost like a 'car porch ritual'!
Hmmm....and I wonder why the neighbours are staring?....
(Looking at my dogs' pix always puts a smile back onto my I thought, I'd share this with you all and put the smile on your face too :) )


Anonymous said...

ahaha this pup is so cute and fluffy :)

constance said...

Oxford's a poodle, Paul :) and ha! ha! he does look like a pup still, but in dog years, he's a teenager right now :D A naughty teenage dog!