Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Last Piece for 2006....

My last piece for the year.....

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I'm back :)

Hello! I've been away and had only a few mintues on some days to be near a computer! Anyway, I've been really busy helping my parents pack and move in to their new house! So now, I'm quite good at it :D Need packers or movers anybody? :D
I've been tagged by one of my favourite illustrator - Majeak Ann (Marjorie)!!!!! Oh, I really love her works as they are very magically beautiful and inspiring! Do visit her website if you haven't and I'm sure you'll agree with me!
Ok, Marjorie, here goes:
4 Jobs I’ve had:
1. A 'telephone operator' for a night for a one time call-in contest in an agency when I was 14.
2. Confidential/Private Secretary (I still cannot believe I wore those short skirts and high heels!!!!!)
3. English Conversation Teacher in a language centre to a group of 15 year old teenagers.
4. Public Relations Executive
4 movies I could watch over and over:
1. Forest Gump
2. Summer Snow (Nui Yan 40 - in cantonese) This is a very inspiring and realistic movie that I watched many years ago about how a middle aged woman handles the challenges in her life, at work and especially the family, how she took care of her father in law who's suffering from Alzheimer’s disease....
3. Red Rose and White Rose - (Hong Mei Gui Bai Mei Gui - in mandarin) A movie set in the olden times in china of a man who fell in love with 2 women.....I'm against extra marital affairs but I love this movie for the settings, the mood...
4. Any Old Bottles To Sell? (The translation from a chinese dialect title - movie in mandarin) - A story of a poor mute man who collects old bottles to sell/recycle....about how he raised and loved an adopted girl just like his own daughter.....who became a very famous singer....I cried the most watching this movie....(I'm afraid I can't find the link to this movie at all......)
4 places I’ve lived in:
Oh dear.....I've never lived anywhere else (for a long period of time, i.e.) besides Kuala Lumpur, and few days every year in Penang (4 hours' drive from Kuala Lumpur)
4 TV shows I love or loved:
1. LOST (recent)
3. Samurai Jack! (Yup! I love the colours and animation style of this)
4. Family Ties
4 places I’ve vacationed:
.....I would really really love to visit other countries, especially Russia, Moscow....but unfortunately I have a very bad 'moving height' phobia ! I'm trying to overcome my fear and hopefully, I'll be able to fly once first was to Kuching, Sarawak - East of Malaysia

4 websites I visit daily
1. Drawn!
3. The Star Online (Online newspaper in Malaysia)
4. Random websites and blogs of wonderful illustrators!
4 of my favorite dishes:
1. Plain Smoked Salmon!
2. Chicken Pie (from DOME)
3. Curry Chicken
4. Chicken or Tiger Prawns cooked with wine!
Can I add in more? :D I do love raw oysters and cooked escargots with cheese too! I love to eat!
4 places I would rather be:
1. in the country of a great painter, being guided personally by him/her
2. Moscow, Russia....
3. Kuching again (if I could overcome the fear of flying).....for some reasons....
4. Back to the 20's or 30's in Shanghai, China or Japan...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blessed Christmas to you....

I seriously don't have much time for myself lately
and hence these 2 oldies...
(the boy illo was done some years ago! and the girl with wine, another quick sketch a few weeks ago....)
but I really wanted to wish you all now
as I think
I won't be able to post anything
untill after Christmas....
so, I digged for something 'cheery'
to wish all of you
not just a 'presents exchange' one,
but also a meaningful and beautiful one.....

Saturday, December 09, 2006

A drink for nothing......

an old watercolour work (early this year or was it december 2005?.....) Time passes so fast......

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

2 Dogs and A Woman

My very 'spoilt' Oxford!
He's really fat now :D
Everytime when I go back to my parents'
he and 'skinny' will be jumping all around me,
and oxford, because he's so short,
will hop up and down
and starts looking for a ball or something
to 'invite' me to play 'catch-me-if-you-can'
Together with Skinny, we'll run around the car porch and
try our very best to 'catch' Oxford and get the ball from him!
It's almost like a 'car porch ritual'!
Hmmm....and I wonder why the neighbours are staring?....
(Looking at my dogs' pix always puts a smile back onto my I thought, I'd share this with you all and put the smile on your face too :) )

Sunday, December 03, 2006

All my might for what I love....

illustrating just for the love of it
is getting harder each day....
with so many things to attend to
in many areas...
no matter how tired
or unhappy I am
when I get to illustrate...
I'll wake up the next day
feeling lighter and with a renewed hope.....
and the past 2 weeks have been quite taxing for me....
with all my might....
with some 'stolen' free time,
I illustrated the above......
and after sharing this piece...
I know I'll be able to work better tomorrow...