Wednesday, August 02, 2006

cleaning my mind

Dear God,

Here I am.
I cannot believe it.
But getting use to it.
Staying alone
After all these years
After all the hesitations
After all my fears
Yet God
Here I am
With your blessings
With your approval
I am now here.

Thank you God
I am most grateful
Though you know I am scared
You know too that I needed this
I really hope
That you’ll always guide me
To make full use of this space that I’ve been given
Let me be of use
To those who are in need
Help me to be disciplined
Wake me up when I am lazy
Help me when I have no ideas
Let my ideas be of help to others
In any way that you could arrange

Please help me
Not to fail my parents
Not to fail myself
And most of all
Not to fail you……

Let me be of service to others, let me reach out to others
Through art, God, if that is also thy will……

Always with me, that I know
Also let me be with you….I pray, I will always be so….
constance wong
This illo and conversation with God was done just a few weeks after I've moved to my own place around mid of Dec was done because I was feeling scared and excited at the same time....I was unsure of my future...I didn't know what to expect....if I could cope....if it was right of me to do so at all...I moved out for many reasons...I was in need of calm at that time and did this to clear my me this is another form of cleansing...


Rrramone said...

Good for you, and I hope that the move was a good one! :-)

Diane Duda said...

Just Beautiful...words and image!

ValGalArt said...

so heartfelt and pure!!!

Cez said...

Beautiful words and illo!!!

The Unknown said...

Beautiful. :-)

scribblesk said...


miragee said...

I feel all your fear and excitement on the face of the girl. I love the way you drew the flower pattern. This illo has a very sacred feel!

If you do come to Taiwan, don't forget to keep me updated ok?:-)

kimi said...

very nice n beautiful! :) *blessing u & all the best to u!

constance said...

Thanks all :) Yes, many pleasant and good things happenend since I've moved...but I do miss going home to my parents everyday...and off course to my adorable dogs!

miragee, my Er Ger stays in Taiwan (he's very handsome you know! ;) wink wink) I'll let you know when I do pop by ok!

lil kim said...

lovely illo and it portrays the sentiments very well. I really like how it is framed by the leaves.

jose benito said...

thank´s for share it

irisz said...


Isa said...

really pure!!

smoen said...

Your prayer/story and illo feel right from the heart. I like how soft your illo is. Great job!

wonil said...

this is beautiful. the chair and the girl, the expression on her face, and the words all work so perfectly.

lx said...

flying the coop is always a strange experience, but the independence is a nice trade-off ;-)

Anonymous said...


can u make the font a bit bigger as my old eyes are straining to read ur lovely words!

love the illo as usual! keep it up! still waiting for u to draw me!

i always have live alone but i always feels the emptiness of not being able to be close to my parents. maybe if here is not wat i seek, i may decide to be back and live with them.

helow! u still can visit them often wat?

have a nice weekend constance wong!

PS: so, wat are u gonna treat me next week ? ;-)


constance said...

Thanks all :)

gorgeousone, you're only getting ikan bakar kak rock. Tapau in the afternoon, served during dinner time ;) you bring your own sauce! Ha! Ha! :D

Jeannine said...

Beautiful sentiments combined with a whimsical, wonderful illustration! :)

V N said...

after a heart-2-heart talk as that with Him/Her ;), I am not surprised that He/She is pleased.

Have a gr8 weekend, pal!

Brandi said...

She is jus so sweet and I love how you always include a fabulous piece of writing with your pieces! Just love her!

constance said...

thanks jennine, velu and brandi :)
this is me!

Lu*** said...

very, very sweet, I´m charming! :)